Avi Richler

Rabbi Avi Richler, serves as RAC’s Spiritual Advisor. Endearingly known to patients as “Rabbi Avi,” Rabbi Richler’s weekly spirituality group is one of the highpoints for RAC clientele. Using his dynamic personality and vast knowledge, Rabbi Avi has the uncanny ability of drawing upon and explaining deep spiritual concepts and ideas in a straightforward, clear, down-to-earth manner, demonstrating its practical applications to everyday living and recovery.

Like a magnet, RAC patients are drawn to Rabbi Avi’s ever-present smile and warm and inviting personality. Patients seek his counsel and guidance to gain strength and comfort, and to discover meaning, purpose and direction in leading happy and contented lives. Rabbi Avi’s personal quest for meaning and purpose led him to enter the Rabbinate, and since that time, he founded Chabad of Gloucester County, an umbrella organization that operates a full service Jewish Community Center in Mullica Hill, NJ, and a Jewish Student Center at Rowan University. Never one to shirk his sense of communal responsibility, Rabbi Richler was instrumental in the creation of Black Horse Acres sober living facility, as a means of providing treatment, resources, and guidance for those suffering from addiction within the Jewish community. He currently oversees the spiritual and religious elements of the facility, thereby ensuring that it continues to remain sensitive to the needs of the Jewish community. Rabbi Avi’s presence at RAC, creates a true holistic environment connecting body and mind with the spirit, thereby allowing RAC patients to incorporate all dimensions of who they are.