Kosher Recovery/ Recovery at the Crossroads, is a Jewish owned New Jersey State licensed drug and alcohol program located in New Jersey. Kosher Recovery strives to provide clients and their families within the Jewish community the treatment and support they need as well as to educate our community on the dangers of addiction and its prevention.

Whether you see signs of addiction in a loved one or you are seeking treatment for yourself, Kosher Recovery at RAC provides high-quality and life-changing treatment for individuals with substance abuse. RAC is here for you, each step of the way, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. We are your lifelong partner in living free from alcohol and drug addiction. 

“After weeks of crying and davening, Hashem sent Crossroads to direct my son and my family onto a path of recovery. Everything was done in a professional manner, with compassion and warmth. I will never forget how Crossroads turned all of our lives around, from turmoil to stability.”


-Anonymous, Lakewood, NJ

Uniquely serving the Jewish Community:

Holistic approach

Emphasis on family involvement

Gourmet kosher meals prepared by in-house chef

Shabbos and Yom Tov observance

Sensitivity to Jewish values

In-house rabbinical support provided by Rabbi Avi Richler